Vision Statement

Yreka High School will provide all students with the opportunity to learn and develop their potential in a safe and supportive environment.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
Yreka High School - 2004

1. Students will demonstrate competency in course and state standards for all areas of study.

2. Students will develop and demonstrate individual and social responsibility through the use of good decision-making and communication skills.

3. With encouragement, support and assistance, students will overcome life challenges, explore life options, actualize their academic and personal potential, and pursue their goals in a global society.

Code of Academic Integrity
Absolute integrity is expected of every Yreka High School student in all educational activities, whether they are
academic, co-curricular, or extra-curricular.  Academic integrity requires an uncompromising determination to adhere to a set of values, primarily those grounded in honesty, diligence, and civility with respect to oneself and others.

In keeping with this expectation:

•1.   A student shall not misrepresent his/her work or other academic accomplishments.

•2.   A student shall refuse to be party to another's failure to maintain academic integrity.

•3.   A student shall respect the limitations of computer usage set by classroom and school Internet agreements as well as the privacy of others' information on the system.