History Of Yreka High School

Yreka High School was established in 1893. On September 5, 1893, eighteen students enrolled into the three - story brick building located near the site of today’s Miner Gym-on the corner of North Oregon and Knapp Street. The first graduating class was the class of 1896. Yreka High School was originally called Siskiyou County Unified School District until 1961 when it became Yreka Union High School District.

Before the school was built, there was a Yreka Public School which was held in various places throughout Yreka during the years 1853 - 1871. Yreka Public School mainly had Yreka children attending it. Because of Yreka’s larger population, it was decided that the new high school would
be built in Yreka’s city limits. Students came from all over Siskiyou County to attend this school.
Then, on October 3, 1916, this school burned down. Resulting from this, there was a controversy of whether or not to build a single high school, in which students from all over the county would attend, or to build many branch schools throughout the county. On June 23, 1917, the
trustees of Siskiyou County Union High School signed a contract for the construction of a new Yreka High School and for five other branch high schools to be built in; McCloud, Mount Shasta, Weed, Dorris, and Fort Jones. In 1918 a larger, two - story structure was built to replace the destroyed one. Henry C. Smith of San Francisco was the architect that designed this building. This school was used until 1958. The next school built is the same one that exists today. In 1974, the 1918 school building was razed to the ground.

When Siskiyou County High School changed to Yreka High
School, its school colors changed from white and gold to red and gold. The school mascot was chosen to be a Miner because Yreka was founded as a miner town in the 1850’s, when gold was discovered.

In 1954, the school gymnasium was built. In 1989, renovations were made. Latus wood siding was placed on the walls around the gym, and new bleachers were installed. These changes remain in the gym today.

The school changed from a semester system to a trimester system in August 1992, which lasted until the 1999 -2000 school year, when it returned to the semester system. More changes occurred in the summer of 1993. The classrooms in the two main wings were renovated and the
hallways were removed. This restructuring resulted in the creation of two additional classrooms in the east wing and the Career Center in the front hallway.    

The class of 1994 celebrated the school’s centennial. During the week, many celebrations occurred in honor of this historic event.

Today, Y.H.S. is a public comprehensive four year high school with an enrollment of approximately 730 students. Yreka serves twelve feeder schools including Big Springs, Bogus, Delphic, Butteville, Klamath River, Gazelle, Grenada , Hornbrook , Montague , Willow Creek and Yreka. The boundaries of the student attendance area of Yreka incorporates 1,200 square miles.